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Essence de Bach (sisterly-company) :

In the Heart of the Emotions

Essence de Bach is born from the collaboration of Dr. Madeleine Tremblay veterinarian, Mylène Labelle naturopathic consultant and Stéphane Laurin entrepreneur. Essence de Bach proposes gentle and natural products for the dissolution of emotions in animals.

Essence de Bach is an opportunity to explore day to day living with curiosity and to feel a profound “Joie de Vivre” whatever happens.

Service Vétérinaire Mobile Animotion :

An Experience of fluidity in soft gentleness

Inspired by their shared passion for the Animal-Human relationship, Dr. Madeleine Tremblay veterinarian certified in animal chiropractic care and Stéphane Laurin entrepreneur founded a personalized service in holistic medicine for dogs, cats, and horses.

SVM Animotion offers a selection of services for animals, including veterinary chiropractic cares, emotional assistance and all concerns for the well-being. The team also provides suggestions towards the usage of various products for the physical and emotional comfort of the animals in the profound respect for the significant effects of the Animal-Human Relationship.

InfoVet.net :

When Clarity is present

InfoVet.net will provide programs, webcasts, videos, blogs and others resources exploring this very particular and special relationship. These resources will offer the opportunity to explore and deepen the understanding of an animal’s life through experiences, emotions, behaviour and physical troubles.

From the clarity of our comprehension will grow compassion. It will then be possible to embrace the animal just how it is and be in the quality of presence for a side by side assistance in respect of the animal unicity.